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The Captain understands how it is to get part way through a nautical project and have things come up short. Physical or Financial difficulties and lack of Time are the most common causes of incomplete projects. There are many reasons why things slow down, stop, and finally just "sit there". The Captain has come up with a solution to this problem that many of you face.

Join the Captain’s Project Pool!

The Captain is prepared to take most worthwhile nautical projects off your hands and make it possible for others who are looking for nautical projects to consider taking your old project into their hands.

Here’s how the Captain’s Project Pool works:

The Captain and each project donor agree upon the value of your specific project. The project is taken by the Captain and booked into the Project Pool at an agreed upon value. A certificate of value issued for future credit on another Project Pool boat item after sale of donor project. The Project Pool consists of your former project and all the other nautical projects donated to the Project Pool. The Project Pool is advertised to all members of the Project Pool Group in a monthly printed newsletter published by the Captain.

The Project Pool Group is composed of all project donors and others who want to acquire a nautical project but for some reason are not yet able to acquire their project. All projects are wholly owned by Project Boats. Maybe they have not found the exact sailing yacht or powerboat that they want. Perhaps they are not ready financially to buy the project now. Then too, there will be Project Pool Group members who are ready now to make a commitment to your former project. They are ready, willing, and will buy it today!

Each nautical project in the Project Pool Group has a specified, market-driven value. Should a project donor want to upgrade his project, he will be able to do so by adding the required additional cash value to his earlier established donor value and then take delivery of the new project.

The Captain will undertake to obtain additional projects from time to time and will list them in the monthly Project Pool Newsletter, distributed to all Members of the Project Pool. The Project Pool Newsletter will list the project description, condition, location, and assigned value. The Captain will undertake to transfer projects on a "Plus 25% Basis". Any transportation fees will be subject to individual arrangement.

There is a Membership Fee for all members of the pool without a transfer prospect. Initial Membership Fee is US$500.00 with a monthly maintenance fee of US$100.00.

At the Captain's option, it is possible to donate your project for a certificate of value redeemable in cash to Project Boats after sale of donor project. There will be an additional fee as quoted by the Captain on a project per Project Boats.

Full credit will be given by The Captain for all membership fees paid when a member purchases the new project.

This new approach to moving stalled projects along into a waiting market offers a solution to many a sailor’s big headache—How To Get Rid of a Stalled Project!

This new approach also provides a means for informed persons to have "First Call" on new projects announced by the Captain that could meet their requirements.

Join the Captain’s Project Pool group today.
Get rid of our headache next week.

Join the Captain’s Project Pool group today.
Find your new nautical projects in next month’s newsletter.

Contact the for answers to any questions and to make arrangements to enter the Captain’s Project Pool.

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