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Have a boat now that you have outgrown, damaged or have a desire to exchange? You may transfer your current vessel, project boat or damaged vessel to the Captain and trade into a Project Boat of the Captain’s. All transfers must be approved by the Captain in writing and agreed to trade in value. All projects accepted will be issued a certificate for future credit toward another Project Boat with value assigned at time of acceptance. Certificates are assignable to other family members and are transferrable to qualified individuals.

Many times projects are not completed because of cash flow, or timing problems. With the exchange program, you can let the Captain place the vessel and defer another purchase to better times or even another selection which suites your requirements better.

Anytime up to 2 years after transfer and sale by Project Boats you may receive assigned value on the Project Boat of your choice and pay the difference for delivery at your expense to the destination of your choice. A fee for monthly service is required of $100.00.

The value of our Project Boats for this exchange program is based on our cost plus 25%. As a transferee in good standing, you are entitled to receive this special offer.

Others, without a transfer, may enter with payment of a $500.00 dollar entrance fee plus $100.00 dollars monthly. You are entitled to the purchase of any Project Boat at cost plus 25% with full credit for any money paid in to date of purchase. Your right to purchase will extend throughout period of monthly payments of $100.00 dollars.

The Captain reserves the right to determine the value of the transfer vessel and also the right to refuse any vessel for any reason.

Join now and reserve the right to pick the perfect Project Boat for you by either transfer or payment of fee.

Transport of the transfer is required by transferee.

All transfer credit and fees paid are fully credited toward future selected purchase. Each month the Captain will mail out a newsletter of projects available to you.

Join the Captain now and save.

Contact the for answers to any questions and to make arrangements to join the Captain’s Exchange.

Description of offered vessel. (Please be as specific as possible)

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