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"Project Boats" offers vessels and vehicles "as is" and "as refurbished" boats, navy surplus boats, and for sale through Project Boats and as rental vessels.

Rental ..............Agreement

Reservations uses the following standard for payments and refunds as it pertains to the use and reservation of rental boats.

In all cases we allow for the credit of another day when weather or other uncontrollable matters forces the return of the rental boat short of the intended period or the missed reserved time the reservation was allotted.

We do not wish for the customer to miss his time with the boat as paid for but in the same way we must secure the boat rental for that reservation and as such cannot rent the same boat to another customer when the reservation is made. Your reservation is confirmed when full advance payment is received, you may cancel and receive a full refund anytime, subject to a $50 cancellation fee in the last 30 days prior to your set reservation. 1/2 day rentals are either before 12:00 noon or after 12:00 noon - no rentals during mid-day periods are allowed as half-day rentals.

All reservations are fully earned when confirmed upon payments scheduled above and allowance is offered for another time and boat where and when applicable. In some cases we may error due to mechanical problems or the circumstances justify the return of earned reservation money -- in that event we will issue credit to your account.

Our sincere effort is put into your enjoyment and in all cases we will work hard to insure you enjoyable and fond memories while visiting us in the Florida Keys!


Gas and Oil

Gas and oil as it pertains to Boat rentals:

Each boat is marked with the amount of fuel the boat had on board at the time of departure and or delivery. The rental agreement will also show this level of fuel at time of delivery. The use of the rental boat does not include the fuel or oil used. It is the duty of the renter to return the boat in the same condition as received. Boats returned and requiring fuel will be so charged for the amount of fuel and oil used plus an additional filling charge of twenty dollars.


Deliveries to Your Vacation Rental or Resort
We can do this by special arrangement with established customers, however, we usually like to meet our clients and take a few minutes to acquaint them with the rental boat and electronics. Generally, we can meet you at a nearby boat launching ramp (we know 'em all) and spend a few minutes with you - this service is free. When we have to drop off the boat at a particular resort or rental, it may cost us an extra delivery man and extra time, so there may be a fee. Holiday weekends are very difficult for deliveries - you must make and confirm special arrangements here.


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