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Learn about THE CAPTAIN'S newest do-it-yourself project. He's come up with a good way for all you folks to produce your own molded fiberglass utility boat and send it to you for completion! This is the perfect home project. All the "big" work is done. What is left for you is simple assembly and attachment of fittings and equipment. You' ve heard of wooden boat plans and that sort of project. Well this is at least three steps better- and easier for you too! The boat is available as a center console open fisherman, bowrider or closed deck.

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THE CAPTAIN sends along a complete list of needed material for you to source and purchase near to your homes. In the unusual event that you can't locate the right stuff, THE CAPTAIN will buy the required items for you and ship them out in mail. Printed instructions are included with the molded sections so that you need not be an experienced boatbuilder. This is the ideal Fall project for many folks. It would be a great father and son experience, and is ideally available for Boy Scout activities.

Contact THE CAPTAIN by email, telephone for further information. Just think of the money you can save by completing this fiberglass utility boat yourself.

Fleet orders available for the boat rental business.
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